13 years of Craft Beer excellence, Coop Ale Works

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In the Oklahoma beer world, you can’t talk about craft beer without talking about the one that launched Oklahoma into the craft beer scene. Coop Ale Works, is now in its 13th year and going stronger than ever. This groundbreaking brewery has been at the forefront of the craft beer revolution in Oklahoma since it launched in 2009. Celebrating Coop’s anniversary is more like celebrating the birth of true craft beer in Oklahoma. Coop’s love for beer and passion for Oklahoma is evident in everything they do, from the beer they brew to the philanthropic work they do in education, animal welfare, health and wellness, and the OKC community.

There really is something special about a company that gets so involved in giving back to its community. In talking to Daniel Mercer, Co-Founder, and CEO, it became very clear that animal welfare was right at the top of the list for Coop. A Coop event without a rescue presence is just not something you should expect. Mercer has a passion for the Oklahoma Humane Society and all the work that they are doing in Oklahoma. As a dog lover myself, it was heartwarming to meet the office rescue dogs.

I guess we should talk about beer too since that is what Coop is known for. Coop’s core lineup can stand head to head with any brewery out there. From the Native Amber with its full flavor super drinkable Red IPA, to the Horny Toad Blonde with its refreshing body, and the Saturday Siren that begs to be drank at the lake, pool, or while tending to a grill. They also have perfected the 99 calorie IPA in the Ice Chest, a smooth and thirst-quenching IPA meant for the river. Not to mention the DNR a strong dark Belgian style with its complex flavors and high alcohol content, and the star of the show F5, the IPA that made Oklahomans rethink what kind of beer they should drink.

It’s evident that Coop has a range and it’s exciting to see what they have done over the years to introduce beer to the masses. In recent years, Coop has dove into the seltzer game with their own lineup of tasty seltzers, then one-up themselves by partnering with local fast-food giant Sonic to turn their full lineup of flavored drinks into something a little more interesting. To say that Sonic Seltzers have hit the market is an understatement. It’s more like the Kool-Aid man bursting through the wall with delicious alcoholic drinks.

Let’s talk about this party, 13 years in the making including two years of global pandemic shutdowns. Not only is this the anniversary party, it’s also the reopening of one of Oklahoma City’s most beloved taprooms. This year is going to be pretty special with a ton of amazing beer, including a taproom full of beers created by members of the production team. They will have 4-5 stations serving beer including a VIP station with special releases. Throughout the day they will be releasing special release beers and one-of-a-kind brews. One of the special things about this day is that every dollar spent will go directly to the Oklahoma Humane Society, so drink up and save some dogs and cats.

Many of you may be wondering what the future holds for Coop, and there is a lot. Although delayed by Covid world, Coop is continuing to plan renovations and absolute next-level plans for the 23rd street Armory project. Which will include a 60-barrel, state-of-the-art brewhouse, 8,000-square-foot restaurant and taproom with indoor and patio seating for more than 160 people, dedicated event space, and a 22-room boutique hotel. You know, nothing much. This amazing development will take some time but is exactly what OKC needs to continue its rise to a star on the craft beer world stage. I’m personally looking forward to a little staycation when it opens in a couple of years. Thank you Coop Ale Works for your continued dedication to craft beer and Oklahoma City. We at The Brew Salute you.

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