Craft Beer meets Beach Volleyball: Pearl Beach Bew Pub

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It’s nice when someone fixes a problem that you didn’t know that you had. Specifically, when I play Volleyball, I don’t want to drink crap beer. Why can’t I get sand in every crevice of my body while playing beach volleyball and have really good craft beer? This question is one I didn’t know that I needed to ask, but I am so glad that Pearl Beach Brew Pub answered it for me. For years groups of adults have gathered and chosen to get our Spring, Summer, and Fall workouts on the beach volleyball courts just to the northeast of Lake Hefner. We would pour our hearts and souls into our teams, all while drinking cheap beer, because that was what was available.

It’s not often that I concede something to Tulsa, but they got one over on us by combining Craft Beer and beach volleyball. It’s a match made in beer heaven and I for one am thankful that they have shed their light on us in Oklahoma City. Pearl Beach, founded in April of 2019 was named after its first location in Tulsa, Oklahoma- right in the heart of “Pearl District” and quickly became everyone’s favorite outdoor spot. Pearl Beach is a locally owned brewery with a retro beach spin. They feature crowd favorite beers & seltzers, some of the top being “Lily, Don’t Be Coy”, their top-selling passionfruit & lime seltzer, Cerveza Por Favor, a house-made Cerveza, and Mad Dog Stout a delicious coffee stout.

Upon opening the new and improved Pearl Beach in OKC, it became evident that they needed a great food concept to go along with the beer and volleyball. In comes Mr. Nice Guys, a Tulsa-based food duo that has been around for over 10 years, and occupied many different spaces throughout their tenure. Their Costa Rican-inspired food has been a fan favorite for many years. “We felt that merging the two concepts would bring the right “Pure Vida” vibe to Pearl Beach. said, Blake Bullard. “Pura Vida” is a Costa Rican philosophy that encourages the appreciation of life’s simple treasures. Mr. Nice Guys at Pearl Beach is located at both the OKC & Tulsa location and is actively ramping up to full-time hours. Pearl Beach is looking forward to staffing up the food truck to be able to offer Mr. Nice Guys every time you come to Pearl Beach.

The menu at Mr. Nice Guys consists of artfully crafted tacos and other items like their Baked Mac&Cheese. I went on a little tasting adventure and tried one of everything and can truly say that I am hooked. The tacos are all served on corn tortillas with an assortment of meats and veggies that are absolutely delicious. The Baked Mac&Cheese is now among my favorite comfort foods in Oklahoma.

The renovations to the old Lighthouse Beachbar have been absolutely stunning to watch with a near-complete ground covered with outdoor grass carpet making it the perfect place to lounge in between games or just spectate the six Olympic-sized volleyball courts. If you are looking for something different, you can play the giant beer pong, soccer pool, or a round of cornhole. The venue is also kid and pet friendly. As a dog lover, nothing warms my heart more than loving on all the sweet pups in between matches. I am fairly certain that I would come to pet dogs and drink good beer even if I wasn’t playing volleyball.

So, what’s next? I’m glad you asked. There is a lot, but the first priority is expanding the brewery. That’s right, Pearl Beach Brew Pub is ramping up production, canning, and beginning distribution in 2022, and I for one cannot wait to stock some in my beer fridge, well and I want everyone everywhere to get a taste of life on our Oklahoma beach!

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