A district of culture and community: Eastpoint

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In an effort to introduce more people to the interesting things going on in OKC, we want to focus on the different districts doing awesome things. One of the most exciting districts right now is the Eastside District. A small area on NE 23rd street with a lot of culture and style. In many ways, it’s a community coming together to rebuild and create something fresh and exciting. The exciting part is that it’s right at the beginning of its development. What started with the idea of a Grocery in a food desert area has spurred the creativity of a whole community.

The Market at Eastpoint is where it began, leading to a whole development filled with hospitality and community-based businesses. There really are some great concepts in the works. If you haven’t paid attention, you probably haven’t heard of the new pizza place that has everyone talking. The bar that is built around a celebration of culture, the coffee shop that is taking things to the next level with their spiked coffee creations. Eastpoint is exciting to say the least and I for one can’t wait to see where it all goes. So, let’s talk about some of these spots.

Eastside Pizza House

This spot has been the talk of the town and for good reason. Created by local music icon, and internationally known rap and hip hop artist, Jabee, Eastside Pizza House exudes culture and style in a way that only he could do. The pizza is unique with it’s black crust, something that is an intentional calling card and celebration of the heritage and culture of the area. The style of the pizza is derived from Jabee’s travels while performing around the world. Flavors that are unique and the names are all attached to the history of African American’s in the area and of course his own namesake pizza. The Jabee has the signature Black Crust, Pizza Sauce, Cheese, Roasted Corn Blend, Sliced Jalapenos, Goat Cheese, and finished with a Chipotle Aioli Drizzle. It’s unique, flavorful and memorable. When you go in, make sure to take a moment and explore the art. The walls are covered with the black men and women who fought for equality and justice. It’s an inspiration and a sobering reality that we all must take to heart.

Eastside Pizza

Spiked. A Coffee Concept

I love coffee and I love cocktails and sometimes, I want them both, in one cup. This concept is the epitome of the love of spiked coffee concoctions. “Spiked. was born out of a desire to create opportunities for people of color within Northeast Oklahoma City, and also to provide connection for everyone who has a love or curiosity about coffee, cocktails, or the unique aim to mix the two together.” Owner Brittani Hunter. The coffee is amazing and the cocktails are expertly crafted to create beautiful flavors and maybe a little buzz. The space is clean and cozy begging for an afternoon work session when you just have to get out of the office or house.

Kindred Spirits Culture & Cocktails

In their words, they are a Cultural gathering place with craft cocktails and comfort food in the heart of NEOKC. Expertly crafted cocktails that are unique and flavorful. They had to have a lot of fun naming all the cocktails with names like 2 dope boys and a Cadillac, which is their spin on an old-fashioned. Tequila Mockingbird with tequila, jalapeno simple, lime, and soda. Then the Pimp by blood with rye, brown sugar simple, and orange bitters. They also have a great beer selection with several local beers on tap and in cans. The menu is soulful tapas-style, meant to be shared with friends, cocktails, and conversations. The purpose and style of Kindred Spirits revolve around coming together and sharing common ground.

As Eastpoint expands, we are excited to see what true community looks like. The love and the spirit of this cultural area is resilient and intense. It’s time we all come together in celebration of diversity and the culture that made this state and city what it is today, but more so, what it can be in the future when good people come together and step up.

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