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I am glad that I am not the only one that believes it’s time to get back to the basics of beer. This month’s featured brewery is built on that very principle. From the beginning, Core4 was inspired by the 4 main ingredients in beer, water, yeast, hops, and grain. “We really wanted our brand to take Craft Beer back to approachable styles,” said Core4 co-owner Buck Buchanan. The name also applies to the fact that they have 4 owners. As homebrewers, the Core4 team decided to open to the public in March of 2020 after lots of planning, conversations, and “drinking about it.” Which happens to be how I will now forever make my big decisions. Unfortunately, something else happened in March of 2020 (Covid) and after being open for three days, they were forced to close for two months.

The good news is they survived and beer won out. Core4 was finally able to open its taproom in the 100+-year-old Paramount Building on Film Row. I’m not saying the building is haunted, but Katy enjoys the Oklahoma Sunset Amber Ale. Core4 is a taproom-focused brewery. They don’t do a lot of distribution because they would rather focus on creating an experience for their customers. As part of that focus, there is always something going on in the taproom. Trivia Mondays, Game Night Tuesdays, Vinyl Wednesdays, Thursday Open Mic, Live Music and a Food Truck nearly every Friday night, and acoustic shows on Sunday afternoons. They also host a Final Friday Art Hop where they showcase a local artist and turn over the space to them for an art show. Their motto is “You may come in a Stranger, but you will Leave a Friend.”

Besides the ingredients in beer, Core4 was inspired by drinking beers from local legends such as Bruce Sanchez of Twisted Spike, Patrick Lively, and Ross “The Angry Scotsman” Harper; hanging out at the local breweries, and Homebrewing with the Red Earth Brewers. It’s clear that Core4 is on its way to being the inspiration for other up-and-coming beer artists. The focus on customer service is a breath of fresh air. Sitting at the taproom is less of a transaction and more of a conversation with an old friend.The beer has an approachable nature to it that is welcoming.

So, let’s talk beer. Core4 started with a beer that is Oklahoma through and through and even has the colors that we love so much about this state. The Oklahoma Sunset Amber Ale has a deep rich color that is smooth, and drinkable with hints of caramel and malts. The Soul Shine is a Blonde Ale that doesn’t slouch in it’s flavor while being light and refreshing. If fruit is what you love, the Make a Mango Crazy is a fruited Gose that is a perfect combination of sour and sweet with just the right notes to make a man go crazy. Those that know me, know I love a good stout and the Death before breakfast is loaded with Coffee, Chocolate, and aged with Oak and Bourbon. It’s a beer that wakes you up and dances along your taste buds while being smooth and approachable.

One thing you will notice about Core4 is the naming of the beers. Drinking beer shouldn’t just be about guzzling gallons of liquid in order to get a buzz. It’s a conversation and the names of the beers at Core4 are conversation starters. When you are at the taproom, you can always find one of the owners that are more than wiling to share the history of the names. There is always a story attached, and it’s what makes Core4 special, other than the really good beer. It’s time we get back to the Oklahoma values of never meeting a stranger and always being willing to have a conversation over a cold beer. Just get rid of that cheap crap in the fridge and come to the taproom. I would say that Core4 is the thing we need after the past couple years of isolation. So, to the owners, I salute you and thank you for being the thing that we didn’t know that we needed.

Core4 Brewing Company LLC

7 N Lee, OKC, Oklahoma 73102

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