Beer tour? Take my money!

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Did you know that Oklahoma is exploding with new breweries all over the place? It’s like my favorite childhood dream come to life, only with beer instead of Nintendo games. When you have an incredible niche market, someone should totally connect with that and provide a service to introduce people to that market. Well, that is what OKC Brew Tours has done. Lloyd with OKC Brew Tours has created the ultimate beer drinking experience with his fun, educational and intoxicating outings. The tour includes 3 tastings at 3 different local breweries in approximately 3.5 hours. Not only do you get the beer and the education, but you get to meet some great people along the way, unless you want to fill the tour up with 14 of your own people.

So, here is our experience in a nutshell, we will be expounding on this for the print version, but for now, here you go. We started by boarding the bus in the parking lot of the Paramount building where OK Cider and Core4 brewing reside, so we had an opportunity for pregaming or post gaming. Lloyd introduced himself and we all took the opportunity to introduce ourselves to everyone else on the tour, we had a great group. The first stop on the journey was the newly opened Cross Timbers brewery where we got to sample 3 delicious brews as Lloyd told us about the different styles and ingredients.  You can definitely say Lloyd knows his beer.  After we drank the pours and talked a bit we loaded back up for the second leg of the journey, The Big Friendly.

Upon arrival at The Big Friendly we found a table and Lloyd brought us our tastings and explained to us the process that they used at this brewery.  We had a great time tasting the cleanest beer in Oklahoma, you really have to try this brewery. No matter your style preference, they have a beer for you. As we finished our third tasting, we were guided back to see where the magic happens and learned more about the process of making beer than most have ever known. It really is a fascinating science and yes I mean science. Thank heavens for smart people that love beer. Once we wrapped up the tour of the brewery, it was time to load up and head to the final destination on the great beer escape.

We finished our tour at one of my personal favorites, Angry Scotsman Brewing. By this time we were all beer experts, but found out there was still information that we had no idea about. I will also say by this time, we were all feeling lovely and had some great conversations. Not to mention 3 more majestic beers to finish the day. The foresight of the tour is being able to walk us through most of the different varietals of beer by the end of the tour and OKC Brew Tours nailed it. I am being intentionally vague about this tour because you need to experience this sort of thing for yourself. I plan on hitting this tour on a regular basis, because I love beer and there is always something new and fresh to try out in the OKC Brewery scene. See you soon along the beer trail.

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