Time to take a little rough flight

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It’s safe to say that you all should know of my love for strong dark beers. If you don’t, now you do. I also like experimenting with other beers too, no beer left behind. Well, Roughtail Brewing Company has something for everyone and with around 30 beers on tap, you are sure to find something you like, probably a couple of things.  To talk about Roughtail, I feel like I should start with my first experience with Roughtail. We truly have a story of a couple of guys that just love beer. I first went to their taproom a few years ago in the middle of a bunch of warehouses on the outskirts of Midwest City. To say it was lackluster, would be an understatement. They didn’t need luster, they had great beer. Most breweries start with a pretty common solid beer. Roughtail chose to go another route, unique, flavorful, and creative beers.

Roughtail has come a long way from the warehouse complex of Midwest city to the awe-inspiring taproom and brewery on Memorial in OKC. This place is something to behold for sure. They brought the luster, with a touch of quirkiness, and it works. In the process they didn’t neglect the thing that gained them notoriety, their thought-provoking beer is still the showstopper. So, let’s start with my flight. Four beers were chosen based on my love and curiosity.

First, on the right, we have Dill or No Deal, a crazy good dill beer, which is hard to do. I love pickles as much as the next guy, but most dill beers I have had are wayyyy overpowering. This beer is a solid Gose with a little sweetness, and you definitely pick up the pickle, herbs, and spices that make this beer very drinkable. They nailed the dill beer in a way that blows all others away.

Second, we have Chacmool, which is an Imperial Stout aged 18 months in Buffalo Trace barrels, then finished on Ancho Peppers, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cacao and Marshmallows. This thing has everything that a stout lover could ask for. It’s strong, sitting at 13%. It’s got depth of flavor from aging in the Buffalo Trace barrels. It’s a little sweet and it has a touch of spice. This combination makes it a truly interesting Imperial Stout.

Third, we have the Single Barrel Select: Scotch Stout. Long name, serious beer. It’s an Imperial Stout aged nearly 3 years in a Single Highland Scotch Whisky Cask. This thing goes full-on Outlander deep in flavor. It has all the qualities of a great Imperial Stout, but then sealed away in a land far away until it earned it’s place at Jamie Fraser’s side. I can’t say much more than it’s a damn good beer, give it a go.

Finally, we have the Rum Barrel Polar Eclipse. Which is a 2018 Release – Imperial Stout aged 16 months in Caribbean Rum barrels. Their regular Polar Eclipse has been one of my favorite stouts for a long time, then they aged in Caribbean Rum barrels? That spells delicious no matter the language you’re writing in. Deep, sweet flavor sitting at 14% so you are definitely feeling it.

Also, take your dog there. If I am there you will probably hear me saying “awwwwe, can I pet it?” from across the room.

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