A district with their own style: PLAZA DISTRICT

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If you have been around OKC for very long, you will see that we are very fond of putting things into districts. We have some really cool districts in Oklahoma City that each holds a very different style and aesthetic. In each of these districts, you will find food, drink, shops, and other experiences that are primarily locally minded. I recommend everyone to check out the different districts in OKC and the first one that always comes to my mind is the Plaza District. This art-heavy district holds some of the coolest hidden and known gems of OKC, nestled in on 16th street between Classen and Penn Ave. There are so many amazing places in this district, we can just highlight a few, so let’s go through a few of them.


Bad Granny’s Bazaar– If you like unique stores, this is your spot, it features retro and vintage clothing, kitschy gifts, furnishings, art, and more. In a way, it’s like a thrift store with only really cool stuff.

Dig It! Boutique– This place prides itself on finding the coolest retro fashion, vintage band tees, funky sunglasses, and locally crafted art and jewelry. So, if you are looking for a vintage Pink Floyd The dark side of the moon shirt, I would look here first.

DNA Galleries– Do you like supporting local art? This is the spot you have to see. They focus primarily on local makers. This is the spot to find the coolest special occasion cards around. They are stocked full of stickers, pins, patches, and such. Give this place a spin.

Food and drink

Empire Slice House– This NY-Style pizza shop has been bringing new definitions to grab a slice for years and it just keeps getting better. Amazing pizza with unique funky toppings and names. Match this with their full bar and impressive beer selection and you have dinner.

Oak & Ore As a craft beer fanatic, this place has my heart, featuring 36 rotating taps. The style is cool, the food is outstanding and the beer, well it’s what keeps me coming back.

Roxy’s Ice Cream Social– Needing something sweet? This is the place! This modern yet nostalgic ice cream and soda shop feature a unique selection of custom sodas, ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream flavors. It’s the perfect addition to any date night.

The Press– Comfort food at its finest. The menu here is a combination of deep south and southwest comfort food with a distinctly Oklahoma twist. Whether you are here for brunch, lunch, or dinner, it’s just the right comfort level for any day.

Pie Junkie You can’t talk about the Plaza district without talking about this spot. If you know, you know, and if you don’t, it’s about time. Creamy, flaky, fresh, flavorful, and all the other things that I have used to describe Pie Junky over the years. It’s just damn good.

Up Down– The new kid on the block with the retro arcade games, great beer selection, and killer pizza. This is the kid that everyone wanted to hang out with because he had the coolest stuff. So, if you need a beer and feel like challenging me to Tekken, holler.


OKC Improv– There really is something special about seeing normal everyday people getting on stage and thinking on the fly, no scripts, just ideas and a lot of laughs. They also teach classes, so if you get stage fright from stepping onto an elevator, they can cure that.

Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma– Oklahoma’s leading professional theatre. They do year-round productions of spectacular musicals, laugh-out-loud comedies, new world premiers, imaginative family favorites, and performances by its Thelma Gaylord Academy. This is a truly unique experience.

Paint N’ Cheers– Want to let your inner artist shine? This is the spot, drink until your painting looks good and you will have accomplished a great time. This creative studio with an upbeat atmosphere is perfect for a girls’ night out, date night, or even a hang with the boys.

LIVE! On the Plaza– On the 2nd Friday of the month, the Plaza explodes with live music, an art walk, and a great family-friendly atmosphere. It’s a great time to get out and see what is happening in the world.

Plaza District Festival This annual event is held in the fall and is an absolute blast. You take the unique Plaza culture, with a lot more performing arts, visual artists, live musicians, and children’s activities.

By no means is this everything in the Plaza, but this should give you a taste of what there is to offer there. Check out the Plaza district’s unique style and the many other shops, bars, restaurants, and experiences. Hope to see you there.

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