Did he just say tater tots?

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There comes a time in life when you have to sit back and appreciate the simple things in life.  Let’s take potatoes for instance.  You can boil them mash them put them in a stew… They are one of those simple foods that can be so much more than just a side dish. You can put them with anything and most people that aren’t trying to avoid carbs love them. But, in a world full of french fries and baked potatoes Palo Santo has figured out a way to take the potato to a level of utter perfection.

I will definitely tell you that anytime there is a choice between french fries and tater tots, I’m going tots every time. This is what lead me to try this amazing dish that I keep going back for and so will you. The Okonomiyaki tots at Palo Santo are something that I don’t know that I can pronounce, at least not accurately, but they take a simple staple format of potato and elevate it to something that keeps me coming back for. So, what’s on this delight? You start with tater tots fried to utter perfection. Then add an amazing huli huli mayo, which is a Hawaiin-inspired concoction that the amazing chef cooked up. Follow that up with okonomi sauce which gives it an Asian flair that accompanies the bonito flakes and togarashi and is finished with scallions.

I can tell you what is on these all day, but what matters most is getting your hind parts in a stool at the beautiful rustic bar top and ordering a bowl of these majestic tots.  I also highly recommend a cocktail to go with it as it’s hard to find a better cocktail menu in OKC.  My personal favorite is the house named cocktail the Palo Santo which combines mezcal espadin, pineapple barley sencha, and demerara and is finished with a dried pineapple slice.  So, enjoy and tell them that I sent you.

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