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Every year, after visiting more than 300 restaurants in the OKC metro, I put together lists of the best concepts in popular categories, including cocktails, coffee, and the most frequently requested dishes or styles. Usually, they are just the five best in no particular order, unless it says otherwise, and a visit to any of the five is sure to be excellent. There will occasionally be lists that are longer or shorter depending on the availability of the style/ethnicity and quality. For burgers, since we’re in a golden age of sorts in Oklahoma City, I always list ten.


Queen of Sheba (Ethiopia)

Cous Cous Cafe (Morocco)

Plus254 (Kenya)

Edie’s Grill (Sub-Saharan)

Naija Wife (Nigeria) 


South Asia

Sheesh Mahal (Pakistan/India)

Rasoi (India)

Mirchi Joint (Pakistan)

Mt Everest Cuisine (Nepal)

Naan (India) 

East Asian (Other)

Ma Der Lao Kitchen

Hawaiian BBQ

Birdies FC

Four Js

Filipino Fusion

Central American

Cafe Kacao (Guatemala)

Tienda Guatemala (Guatemala)

Cafe Antigua (Guatemala)

Misasa (Honduras)

Pupuseria mi Chalateca (El Salvador)

Tierra Mia (Nicaragua)


Khao Soi at Ma Der Lao Kitchen

Khao Poon at Ma Der Lao Kitchen

Green Chile Stew at Hacienda Tacos

Birria Ramen at Rev Mex

Beef Noodles at Szechuan Story


Fair-Weather Friend  Nuoc Mam 

Ma Der Lao Kitchen  Jaew bong

Chef Dee’s Creations  Garlic sauce

Jones Assembly  Cacio e pepe

Clark Crew BBQ  Naked 

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