You ain’t never had ribs like these

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I tend to live my life a quarter-mile at a time, well when it comes to food that is. I love trying new things. I also love trying things that are not new but totally done different. Eddie’s Grill in the Collective has done just that. They take what we generally know as barbeque and turn it on the head with their unique and flavorful spices all the way from west Africa. I had to tell you about these ribs. But first a funny story. I took my youngest son, my mini-me, to The Collective Food hall a while back, right after Eddie’s opened up in there. I let him choose his dish and he chose Chicken and Waffles, which was no slouch of a choice. I chose Eddie’s Ribs. After having a few bites, I had to share this flavor experience with my son, at which point he looked at me, with a look somewhere between deep sorrow and utter bliss, and said “I’ve made a terrible decision”.

Don’t be like Jacob, get the ribs, or brisket or these amazing meat sticks…. It’s all good, but I am especially addicted to their ribs. If you are looking for competition level Oklahoma BBQ, we have plenty of those all over the city, this isn’t that. Although, by merit alone, it could compete. These ribs are all about the spices and sauce. They have a way of blending spices that makes your soul cheer. I couldn’t even begin to know what they do to make that flavor, but they do it so well. Then their sauce looks a bit like mustard, but has a completely unique flavor and spice to it. Oh, and if you like really spicy food, ask for the hot oil and experience true bliss.

Sides are always a deal when it comes to bbq, and Eddie’s does it right, in their own style. The ribs are served with Joilif rice cooked to perfection and a blend of sauteed peppers and veggies which compliments the meat and the rice to perfection. Go check out Eddie’s and have a Collective Fashioned (The Collective’s version of an old fashioned) while you are there. If you are feeling a little sweet, get the fried plantains to close out your amazing meal. Hope to see you there soon, covered in ribs…

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