Don’t be a punk, unless you can be a Burger Punk

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To start this off, I should say that I have an affection for the word punk, because my son when he was two, said it all the time. One time in particular, I was rolling through the grocery store and he would always say hi to everyone, still does.  This time, the lady didn’t acknowledge him, so he looks at her one last time and yells, “PUNK”. To say that I laughed would be an understatement. So, did several other witnesses. So, when I heard there would be a food truck called Burger Punk, I was a little excited. Then to expand into a brick and mortar, it was meant to be. You would think with a name like Burger Punk, I would be talking about burgers, but that would be predictable, and while I am pretty predictable, Burger Punk is not.

Yes, Burger Punk has some amazing burgers, but today, I’m talking Mac&Cheese. That delicious pasta served with scrumptious cheese and if you are a good boy or girl, other crazy delicious toppings. Burger Punk has a couple of amazing options when it comes to mac&cheese, the OG Macaroni and the Double Chili Mac. The OG Macaroni is served with their amazing Liquid Gold, fried onions, Panko breadcrumbs, and roasted jalapeno. This combination creates a flavor explosion in your mouth that is somewhere akin to those old candies with the juice inside that you bite into and weird things happen in your mouth.  In short, it’s pretty good. The Double Chili Mac is my jam though. With Liquid Gold, House chili, green chilis, and Panko breadcrumbs, it’s just the right savory spicy flavor. The House chili is absolutely delicious and will be on my last meal list, if I ever end up on death row. I am a sucker for green chilis and they deliver on this mac. It’s a thing of beauty in this dark world.

While you are indulging on burgers and macs and all the other things, get you a Turbo! It’s their signature slushy with Cold brew coffee, Evan Williams Bonded, coconut cream, Xocotatl Bitters, and vanilla. It’s a cocktail that will perk you up and get you rolling.

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