Eating for Freedom!

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To help you better celebrate your freedom to eat out whenever you want, including holidays, here’s a non-comprehensive list of locally owned spots that will be open for Independence Day. As a rule, hotel restaurants are open every day, and while most aren’t locally owned, a few are. To save you a little time, all 84 Hospitality, Hal Smith Restaurants and Killer Squid concepts will be closed for the holiday. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t link all these places, and it’s because I trust you to either know the place or know how to find it online. I believe in you. 

Breakfast, Coffee

  • Cafe Evoke
  • Classen Grill
  • Hatch Early Mood Food, all locations, including the airport.
  • Perle Mesta
  • Plant
  • Sincerely Coffee Roasters
  • Stitch Cafe
  • Twisted Tree Baking

Lunch (a few of the breakfast spots are also open for dinner)

  • Big Biang Theory
  • Blazing Jay’s
  • Clark Crew BBQ
  • Deep Deuce Grill
  • Hacienda Tacos

  • Kyoto Sushi and Bar
  • Mt. Everest Cuisines
  • Oso
  • Perle Mesta
  • Picasso Cafe
  • Sauced on Paseo
  • Spark, all locations
  • Shawarma & Co.
  • Sushi Sonora Querida
  • Trompudo’s Tacos
  • ZamZam Mediterranean Grill

Dinner (many of the lunch spots are also open for dinner)

  • Culprits
  • Fair-Weather Friend Brewing

  • Frida Southwest
  • Formosa Street Food & Bar
  • Riserva Bar + Tapas
  • Sun Cattle Company
  • The Mug Scratch Kitchen

Dessert and Drinking

  • Anthem Brewing
  • Boom Town Creamery, all locations
  • Flamingo Tiki
  • Lunar Lounge
  • Sidecar Barley & Wine Bar
  • The Other Room
  • WoodWorks Distilling


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    GREAT info!!

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      Thank you!

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